Sell Used Key Fobs for Cash

You see hundreds of vehicles coming through your location. Whether you’re a recycler, a used car dealer, a rental agency, or an insurance agent, there’s one thing in common across the board: there are always extra sets of keys laying around.


You know exactly how it goes as well. There’s a key that shows up on your desk, in a box, or on a key board that doesn’t have a tag. It looks vaguely familiar and somewhat important but you just can’t place it. Unsure what it belongs to, you leave it where it is for a little while. Eventually, you don’t even realize it’s still there. Days become weeks, weeks become months, and now you can say with absolute certainty that you have no clue what vehicle those keys belong to.


Regardless, those keys are expensive so throwing them out just seems wrong even though you know there is nothing you can ever do with them. If the vehicle was ever at your location or in your possession, it’s long gone now. It could be sold to a new owner, eaten up by the shredder, or dismantled for parts.


The trouble is that it’s not just the one set of keys. The same scenario has played out for months and now you’ve got a diverse collection of car keys, key fobs, and smart keys all gathered together. Not only are they no good to you but you don’t even know what kind of vehicle they belong to.


So what do you do with them all?


You sell us your used key fobs! Those old keys with remotes, smart keys, proximity keys, or just loose key fobs can earn you cash. Empty the desk drawer clutter and tidy up your workspace and sell those used key fobs to us. If it’s got a button on it, we want it.


When you sell your used key fobs to Cash For Key Fobs, you’re recycling used electronics. The key fobs we receive from sellers just like you are inspected, tested, and refurbished so they can be reused. Once they’ve gone through a strict quality control check, they are resold so they can be used once again.


Here’s how it works:


  • Bundle together ten or more key fobs that you no longer need. Please don’t sell us “used key fobs” that your family and friends are still using… that’s just mean.
  • Secure the key fobs in a plastic bag, then package them in a box.
  • Ship the box of key fobs to us, preferably using a shipping method with a tracking number. You don’t want your goods getting lost in the mail, after all. On shipments of
  • We test the key fobs we receive from you to ensure they are in working order. If they don’t function, we change the battery and re-test. If one of the remotes still doesn’t work, we can’t pay for that remote. I’m sure you understand.
  • We pay you. When you sell us used key fobs, we pay you either through PayPal or by check. It’s your choice how you get paid, and usually we send payment within 2 days of receiving your shipment.


It’s fast and it’s easy. Turn your clutter into cash by selling us your used key fobs.