Sell Car Keys

Vehicle theft was becoming a major epidemic. In the early years of the 21st century, lawmakers introduced legislation that made it mandatory for car manufacturers to include anti-theft systems in their vehicles.

Since 2008, most vehicles built for the North American market have been manufactured with an anti-theft system, also known as an immobilizer. There have been a handful of different designs as the years went on, but by far the most common type of system uses a chip or transponder inside the key. An antenna or transponder ring by the ignition detects when a registered key is close by and allows the car to start. The vehicle theft statistics dropped almost overnight!

You may wonder, “Why the lesson in immobilizer keys?” It’s because that’s the business we are in!

We want you to sell us your car keys. We want any and every style of key that has a chip, a remote, or is a proximity or smart key. If you have unwanted keys, we want you to sell your car keys to us.

You might have a simple ignition key with a built-in chip like the Ford models typically do. You might have a laser-cut flip-out or switchblade-style key like Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi vehicles do. You might have a smart key like those becoming popular in virtually every car make including Chevy, Dodge, and Mazda. It doesn’t matter which of these styles you have, we want you to sell your car keys to us.

We work in quantities of 10 or more, making our service ideal for insurance companies, auto wreckers, rental companies, and fleets. If you have keys for vehicles you no longer have on hand, keys that have broken or cracked shafts, or chipped keys that simply don’t start your vehicle anymore, turn them into cash.

Here’s what you do:

  • Put all your chipped keys, keys with remotes, and smart keys into a bag. Place that bag into a box, then seal it shut.
  • Ship your car keys to us. If you’re selling car keys in large quantities, contact us and we’ll send you a shipping label. Be sure to use a carrier with a tracking number.
  • We receive your package and test the keys. If the key doesn’t function, we’ll replace the battery and retest it. If the transponder still doesn’t work, we won’t be able pay for that key. I’m sure you understand.
  • We send you payment. Usually within 2 business days, we send you payment for your keys either by check or PayPal. You choose the method.
  • You enjoy a clutter-free drawer. You no longer have to sift through all those useless keys in order to find what you need.

We want you to sell those car keys to us. Any transponder key, proximity key, or switchblade-style key that you no longer want, we want. Turn your clutter into cash with Cash For Car Keys.