How do we send the remotes to you?

You can ship via whatever your preferred method is. We just recommend that you use a service with tracking. Also, please be sure to put remotes in a plastic bag within the box.

What is the minimum number of remotes you will buy?

We generally purchase lots of 10 or more.

How quickly do I get paid?

Payment is usually made within 2 business days of receiving the remotes at our warehouse.

Do the keyless entry remotes have to work?

Yes, the keyless entry remotes should all function. If a remote is not working we will replace the battery and test again. If it still is not working then we can not pay for it.

Can you supply me with a shipping label?

Yes. If you send us a picture of the remotes with weight and dimensions of the box, we can email you a shipping label. The cost of shipping (which is highly discounted) will be deducted from the payout. If 50 or more remotes are sent in, then we will cover the shipping costs. You will need to drop off the package at the shipping carrier – usually Fedex or US Postal Service.