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Sell Car Keys...

Vehicle theft was becoming a major epidemic. In the early years of the 21st century, lawmakers introduced legislation that made it mandatory for car manufacturers to include anti-theft systems in their vehicles. Since 2008, most vehicles built for the North American market have been manufactured with an anti-theft system, also known as an immobilizer. There […]

March 02.2016 | Admin

Sell Used Key Fobs for Cas...

You see hundreds of vehicles coming through your location. Whether you’re a recycler, a used car dealer, a rental agency, or an insurance agent, there’s one thing in common across the board: there are always extra sets of keys laying around.   You know exactly how it goes as well. There’s a key that shows […]

March 02.2016 | Admin

This customer made over $1...

This customer sent got paid over $1500 for their key fobs! Contact us to see how you can make money selling key fobs too.

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